Friday, August 3, 2007

Ivotuk by plane!

Ivotuk trip this morning with 7 other researchers by a small plane. We were dropping off Amorita, Dave, and Adrian for their 3 day research project along with over 900 pounds of research equipment! 4 other people came along due to extra seats left in the plane, which meant that I got to see MOUNTAINS again!!


Fog below, clouds above.

Tundra and lakes.

Mountains!! - need I say more?

Yes, there is a small (tiny) research tent-village down there!

So close, yet so far... I only stayed in Ivotuk for about 30 minutes before flying off!


Along with tussock are wild blueberries (not shown) and salmon berries (both taste great).

Click image to enlarge (true with any picture). Group picture.

I got the sit in the Co-pilot seat for the return trip.

My View for the trip back.

Ridge system! Cinder Cones?

Goodbye sweet sweet mountains!


Matt said...

Finally some Geology!! Those are really interesting looking mountains are they a metamorphic belt of some kind?

Perry said...

Yes! They are a group of cinder cones,I wished that I could have stay for more than a few minutes. oh-well Peña here I come.... soon.